route7.26 SPECIAL COLUMN | EVANGELION 2015 x Wonder Festival 2015

The Evolution of Figures
Neon Genesis Evangelion

HOBBY maniax Editor & Writer:Mitsuhiro Shimatani

Mitsuhiro Shimatani is an editor and also a writer who has worked on projects ranging from Otaku Maps to PC gaming, hobby, and other magazines related to his field. Over the past 15 years or so, Shimatani has become deeply involved in the field of figures. He is an important part of Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s Figure Corner, as well as FIGURE Maniacs, a magazine dedicated to figures. At the moment, Shimatani is active as a freelance editor and writer, while also taking time to manage the hobby information website, HOBBY maniax.

Column 1SINCE 1980-1994

The Evolution of Figures and Neon Genesis Evangelion

Column 2SINCE 1995-1999

Evangelion’s Appearance and the Evolution of Garage Kits

Column 3SINCE 2000-2015

Evangelion’s Push in Developments of Figure Production